Chafing Fuel

Hot, Safe, Reliable.

When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, you need a chafing fuel you can rely on.
Lumea Chafing Fuels deliver safe, high heat, time after time, so food is kept within the temperature safety zone and your customers will go home satisfied.

The Lumea Chafing Fuel range has been carefully designed to address all of your food
and beverage heating needs and can be used in most food and beverage heating units including beverage urns, soup tureens and chafing dishes. 

For further information check our dedicated chafing fuel page.

Please Note: For Pallet quantities, a lead time of five working days is required for delivery.

Multi Purpose Lighters (x 12)
Product ID : 74547
Items per case : 12
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Multi-Purpose Lighters (x 12) Only £1.50 each! Not sold individually.
Price: £18.00
Case Quantity:
Chafing Fuel Gel (x72) - From 30p per can!
Product ID : 74301
Items per case : 72
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Burns up to 3 hours
Price: £30.24
Case Quantity:
2 x 4kg Gel Chafing Fuel Refill
Product ID : 74212
Items per case : 2
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4kg resealable bucket
Price: £19.90
Case Quantity:
Chafing fuel liquid with wick, (x72) - from 70p per can!
Product ID : 74580
Items per case : 72
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Burns up to 6 hours
Price: £61.20
Case Quantity: