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Liquid Wax Candles & Candle Lamps 

Lumea’s unique Liquid Wax Candle System and Lamps are an international bestseller; designed to use long-burning, smoke-free and odour-free Lumea Liquid Wax Candles (also known as lamp oil or oil candles) they eliminate all the problems associated with traditional wax candles yet offer all the ambience of a real candle.

Paraffin Lamp Oil

Lumea Lamp Oil is ideal for use in most oil lamps, lanterns or torches both indoor and outdoor. Lumea Paraffin Lamp Oil is the UK's most competitively priced quality lamp oil and is a best-seller!


Electric Candles

Lumea's Electric Candle range includes rechargeable LED flicker and an impressive series of long-burning pillar candles that can run for up to 1 ,000 hours.

All of Lumea's Electric products realistically simulate the twinkling atmosphere of candlelight without using a real flame. Lumea's flameless Electric Candles are easy to operate, highly cost-effective and perfect for use in locations where a real flame is unsuitable.

Wax Candles
Lumea manufacture and supply a wide range of Wax Candles. Nothing quite compares to the soft, welcoming ambience created by real candlelight. 
Choose from tealights, nightlights, pillar candles, taper candles and banquet candles; suitable for both business and home use.

Chafing Fuel

The Lumea Chafing Fuel range has been carefully designed to address all your food and beverage heating needs; choose from the super-hot gel fuel and 4Kg refill or the visible flame, spill-proof wick liquid fuel.

Lumea Chafing Fuels can be used in most food and beverage heating units including beverage urns, soup tureens and chafing dishes.

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