RedFire Fuego Large


The RedFire Fuego Large:

  • 148 x 40cm
  • Beautiful design
  • Chimney for optimal smoke extraction
  • Firmly in place
  • Large combustion room
  • Including grill

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The big brother of the Fuego Small is a lot more spacious, making it easier to light up a solid fire with large pieces of wood. This fireplace from RedFire is therefore suitable for larger spaces, because the RedFire gives enough warmth, especially due to the conductive metal. With its matt black look, the Fuego has a modern look and really is an addition for your garden or terrace. The fireplace is fitted with a chimney, so that you will not stand or sit in the unpleasant smoke.

In addition to the function of a outdoor fireplace, the Fuego also stands its ground as far as barbecuing is concerned, because we will deliver this RedFire fireplace with grill. This grill is safe to use, thanks to the long handle. This way you can easily take out the grill or easily turn it. The grill is about 40 centimetres in diameter, so there will be enough space to prepare several meat or fish dishes at the same time. Installation is simple: Screw the chimney onto the heating section and screw the 3 legs underneath. In this way you are provided with warmth and taste in a few minutes. Enough ingredients for a pleasant evening!