RedFire Garden Fireplace Kingston XL


Features of the RedFire Kingston:

  • 60 x 160cm
  • Tightly finished design
  • Spacious opening
  • Chimney finished with stainless steel ring
  • Includes fire poker and wood grate

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Give extra character to your garden with the matte black modern RedFire Kingston XL. With a diameter of 60 centimetres and a height of 160 centimetres, the fireplace is a powerful heat source in your garden. Due to the conductive material, the Kingston gives a strong heat. A stainless steel finished chimney neatly transfers the smoke and gives the modern look and extra touch.
To make it even easier to create a fire, RedFire provides you with a fire poker and a wood grate. In this way you can easily light up the fire. The tripod base, ensures a stable position, making it unlikely that the Kingston will fall over quickly. With a protective cover, you will make sure that the Kingston XL will remain an added value for your garden in optimal condition.