Remote Controlled set of 12 Rechargeable LED Flicker candles in Candlelight Colour


5.5cm (h) x 3.8cm (d)
12 items per case


Lumea Rechargeable LED Flicker Candles in ‘Candle Light’ colour

Effective – Create the warmth and ambience of candlelight without the fire hazard.

Safe – No real flame and no risk of electric shock with the wireless inductive recharging system.

Easy-to-use – No conductive pin for recharging and a push on/off switch.

Long-lasting – Up to 12 hours depending on the brightness selected

Long-life – Can be recharged up to 500 times (approx. 6,000 hours of candlelight).

Rechargeable – Recharging takes 6-8 hours

PDF download: LED Flicker instructions

Create the warmth and ambience of candlelight without the associated fire risk or mess of a real flame. They are ideal for use in places where a naked flame is not appropriate but where ambient lighting remains important; such as cruise ships, historic properties, nursing homes, stadiums and universities.

Lumea Flicker Candles
can be recharged and reused over and over again – each candle has a lifetime of approximately 6,000 hours! They use advanced wireless inductive technology for recharging, making them easier to use and more reliable than conventional conductive charging systems.

The LED in a Lumea Flicker Candle ensures very bright and consistent illumination throughout its lifetime.

Lumea Candle light Flicker Candles
are designed to be used in conjunction with Lumea Candle Lamps; use them in the smaller size of the Ambeo, Nova or Mirage Lamps. With a Lumea Candle Lamp surrounding the Flicker Candle the illusion of warm candlelight is complete, without all the problems of a real flame!

Good to know: Up to 2 charging trays can be joined together for recharging.


Additional information

Add Flicker Candle Holders? (Set of 12)

Just LED Flicker Set, No Holders, LED Flicker Set & Mini Ambeo in Frosted White Package, LED Flicker Set & Mini Ambeo in Frosted Red Package

Instructions & Product Video

YouTube video


PDF download: LED Flicker instructions

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