Sunred Atria Flame Torch Grey


Sunred Flame Torch Atria gray FT17G
• Trendy anthracite look
• Gas bottle to be concealed in the body of the heater
• Power up to 11,000 Watt
• Power to regulate continuously
• Easy to move with wheels and handle
• Attractive appearance

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This Sunred Atria model is characterised by its sleek design and the trendy anthracite-grey colour. The gas bottle can be concealed in the body of the FT17G flame heater, so that the heater remains stylish. Once the patio heater is connected, you can regulate the power to a maximum of 11,000 watts. The flames are attractively visible in the transparent glass tube, where you determine how high you stoke the flame. The hat of the heater prevents rain from falling into the patio heater and that too much heat radiates upwards, if this heater is placed in a party tent or veranda. However, it is always advisable to keep sufficient distance between the ceiling and the top of the heater.
The cozy patio heater has wheels and a handle, making it very easy to move. You can use the Sunred Atria at any spot on your terrace or in every corner of your garden.