Sunred Flame Torch Drogon Black


Product Specifications
• Up to 12.000 Watt
• With wheels
• With hose and regulator

Product measurements
• 208 centimeter height, 81 centimeter width
• 24 kg weight

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The stylish SFT15B from Sunred catches the eye with its size and the tight design with aluminum, steel and glass. The large size and the number of 12.000 Watts assure that you’ve got a powerful heat source in your garden or on your terrace. You can put the gas bottle inside the heater, so the gas bottle won’t influence the fine appearance of this SFT15B.

You can regulate the warmth of the gas heater with the regulator on the side. A small flame for atmosphere or a larger flame for the pleasant heat on a chilly afternoon or evening. Thanks to the mounted wheels, you can easily move the 24 kilogram flame heater to another place in your garden.