Sunred Heater Artix Hanging Black 1500


Features of the Sunred Heater Artix Hanging Black 1500
• Unique design
• Halogen heating element – light and heat
• 3 different settings: 600, 900 and 1,500 Watt
• Soft touch technology
• With remote control and built-in 3 watt LED lamp
• With installation chain

Radiation range: 3.9 x 3.9 meters
Approx. 15 m2

Product dimensions: 30(h) x 50(d) cm
IP24 rating
Includes remote control and supplied chain

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Looking for warmth with a stylish design? This Artix line from Sunred combines both aspects. Do you also want to bring out the style of your interior? Start with this black Artix heater with a lampshade look. You can adjust the heat to your own wishes, because you can easily switch between 600, 900 and 1,500 Watt. Big advantage? The wind does not affect the heat distribution, because this Artix heats the body from the inside.

With the supplied chain it is easy to place the heater under a roof or under the ceiling of the veranda. In addition to the heat, you can also use the Artix as outdoor lighting independent of the heating element. With the remote control you can easily control the light and heat from anywhere.