Sunred Heater Indus Hanging 2100


Features of the Sunred Heater Indus Hanging 2100
• Stylish industrial look
• Halogen heating element – light and heat
• With matching robust black chain
• Easy to install
• Full power within 5 seconds

Radiation range: 4.7 x 4.7 meters
Approx. 22 m2

Product dimensions: 48.5(h) x 36(d) cm
IP24 rating
Includes remote control and chain

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Looking for a patio heater that not only provides warmth, but also looks stylish? This RSH16 Sunred design patio heater is characterised by an original industrial style. You can also see that style with the included matching black chain. With that beautiful style you can give your pavilion or veranda just that little bit extra.

In addition to the stylish appearance, you of course also use this heater for heat distribution. The halogen element heats up the body from the inside, so that wind does not affect the heat. It is no coincidence that the heat of this garden heater is comparable to the sun. This Sunred product spreads heat with a power of 2,100 Watt, making this infrared heater one of the more powerful heaters in available. The heater reaches maximum power within 5 seconds, so you can enjoy a warm evening in no time.