Sunred Heater Retro Wall 2100


Features of the Sunred Heater Retro Wall 2100

  • 130 x 47.5cm
  • Halogen heating element
  • 900, 1,200 and 2,100 Watt
  • Easy to operate with rotary knob
  • Heats body from the inside
  • Full power within 5 seconds

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A striking design model from the Sunred collection. This wall model looks pretty with a retro-style heat element. Of course, the heat is just as important. That is what this retro patio heater shows by having 3 different wattages. You can switch easily between 900, 1,200 or 2,100 Watt. This way you can perfectly match the heat to your own wishes. The robust design also looks good when you are not using the heater.

With the halogen technique the body is heated from the inside. When it is blowing outside, this heater does not experience any problems. With the rotary knob you can easily switch to a different heat mode and when it is really cold you can use the maximum power of 2,100 watts.