Sunred Heater Royal Diamond Dark Standing 2500


Benefits of the Sunred Royal Diamond Dark Standing 2500
• Powerful Royal Diamond Dark element
• Easy to move and adjustable in height
• A layer of rose gold leaf provides extra reflection and more intense warmth
• Switchable in three positions (800/1600/2500 watt)
• Soft touch technology
• With remote control
Radiation range: 5.8 x 4.5 meters
Approx. 26 m2

Product dimensions: 81.7 x 10 x 190 cm
Incl. fall protection and soft touch operation
11 kg

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New for 2020 is the standing version of the successful 2500 Watt wall model Royal Diamond Dark (RD-DARK-25S).
Powerful high performance – ultra low glare technology. This is a standing model. Ideal when you have several places in the garden to sit. This heater is easy to move. With a total power of 2500 watts, no evening is cold anymore. The heater is switchable in 3 positions: 800/1600/2500.
The new Rose Gold Carbon infrared heating element takes the heat intensity to the highest level. It uses a high-quality Carbon Fibre element finished with Rose Gold technology. In this way, a very intense heat experience is created, but with minimal light intensity.

The Royal Diamond Dark Line comes standard with a remote control, mounting set to anchor the base to the surface and a manual.

Once the patio heater is up, you will experience the maximum heat output within seconds. The lifetime of the element has been tested at 8,000+ burning hours, so you can outsmart the cold for several winters!