Sunred Heater Royal Diamond Dark Wall 2500


Features of the Sunred Royal Diamond Dark Wall 2500
• Beautiful smart design finished in a matte black finish
• Most powerful patio heater from the Sunred range – infrared heating element with short and medium wave combined. High-quality engineering with a superior element.
• Very intense heat experience due to extra reflection of a layer of rose gold leaf
• Wind does not affect heat
• Very soft glow, not bright on the eyes – very little light
• Dimmable in 3 different positions
• Soft touch technology (switch to the different heat settings with a touch of the finger)
• Supplied with remote control and wall bracket

Size: 81.7 x 10 x 14.1cm

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New in the Sunred collection: the powerful high performance – ultra low glare Royal Diamond Dark line. This series of three wall models are equipped with the latest technology when it comes to patio heating.
The new Rose Gold Carbon infrared heating element brings the heat intensity to the highest level. It uses a high-quality Carbon Fibre element finished with Rose Gold technology. In this way, a very intense heat experience is created, but with minimal light intensity.

The Royal Diamond Dark Line comes standard with a remote control, wall bracket with mounting set and a manual.

When the patio heater is hanging, you will experience the maximum heat output within seconds. The lifetime of the element has been tested at 8,000+ burning hours, so you can outsmart the cold for several winters!

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