Sunred Professional Smart Heater Royal Diamond Dark Wall 2500


Features of the Sunred Professional Smart Heater Royal Diamond Dark Wall 2500:
• Beautiful triangle design finished in a matte black finish
• Can be linked to your WiFi network
• Compatible with Android and iOS devices
• Most powerful patio heater from the Sunred range – infrared heating element with short and medium wave combined. High-quality engineering with a superior element.
• Very intense heat experience due to extra reflection of a layer of rose gold leaf
• Wind does not affect heat
• Very soft glow, not bright on the eyes – very little light
• Dimmable in 9 different positions
• Soft touch technology (switch to the different heat settings with a touch of the finger)
• Supplied with remote control and wall bracket

Product dimensions: 65 x 15.5 x 13 cm
Incl. remote control and soft touch

Radiation range: 5.8 x 4.5 meters
Approx. 26 m2

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Nowadays more and more items around the house are becoming SMART.

Sunred introduces its first SMART / WiFi heater in a beautiful triangular housing. Operate the heater using your smartphone or tablet (compatible with Android and iOS devices). In addition to turning the patio heater off, the outside temperature can also be read via the app.

Equipped with powerful high performance – ultra low glare technology – Royal Diamond Dark. With a total power of 2500 watts, no evening is cold anymore. The heater is switchable to 9 positions.

The new Rose Gold Carbon infrared heating element takes the heat intensity to the highest level. It uses a high-quality Carbon Fibre element finished with Rose Gold technology. In this way, a very intense heat experience is created, but with minimal light intensity.

The patio heater comes as standard with a wall bracket and remote control. In addition, the heater can be connected to the Wi-Fi network by means of a handy app. All you need is a strong WiFi range in the outdoor area to use this function.

Once the patio heater is installed, you will experience the maximum heat output within seconds. The lifetime of the element has been tested at 8,000+ burning hours, so you can outsmart the cold for several winters!


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