Sunred Sargas Grey


 Benefits of Sargas Grey:

  • 221 x 81cm
  • Easy to move with wheels
  • Adjustable position
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Gas bottle can be neatly concealed in the heater

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The grey Sargas from Sunred extends the heat on a late summer evening or increases the temperature on a cool day. With the round design, the gas heater radiates class in your garden or on the terrace. Due to the great height, the GH12B is also perfect for use with a standing table or an outdoor bar. Should it still be a bit warmer? Then this heater has different settings, with a maximum power of 14,000 watts.

Easy and safe

The neat design is also retained when you connect the gas bottle, because you can hide it inside this Sunred. You can easily move the gas heater using the wheels and the heater remains safe with its tilting movement.